Felonies, Misdemeanors, Traffic Offenses

Have you been charged with a felony or misdemeanor? Are you or is someone in your family being invesigated for a crime? Legal assitance at each stage of the process is critical to attaining the best outcome. Contact Attorney Feldman for immediate assistance. He has handled Murders, Robberies, CSC's, Conspiracy cases, and all manner of drug related crimes, major and minor. Tap his expertise today!


Divorces, Custody, Support, Adoption

Having an effective advocate by your side through difficult, emotional negotiations or litigation is of utmost importance. Disputes will arise; you need an aggressive yet objective attorney, one who will listen to your concerns and help make sure your rights are protected, and your issues raised and resolved. I will work with you and your family to make sure the financial and emotional toll is minimal, through my years of experience in Family Law Litigation. If an agreement cannot be reached directly or through mediation, rest assured I will be prepared for these most important Court hearings that can affect you & yours.


Debt Collection, Landlord Tenant Matters

Unfortunately problems arise in modern day society that sometimes cannot be solved over a cup of coffee. If you need assistance collecting a debt, or you have a tenant who isnt complying with their lease, contact Attorney Feldman for help. Large or small, Mr. Feldman has handled a wide gamut of these matters. He represents major local hospitals as well as apartment complexes, as well as local citizens who require the Courts to be made whole again. 


No one likes thinking about what happens when they aren't here anymore. But pre-planning your matters will assist those you love in the transition, and will keep expenses to a minimum.